Entrepreneur's Guide Mentioned in Inc. Magazine!

Looking for an easy read to help you grow your business? We’re thrilled that The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Financial Well-Being is one of eight new books named in a recent article in Inc. Magazine! Author Jeff Barrett, of Barrett Digital, included Wayne Titus’s book to provide business owners with “instant inspiration” to challenge their thinking and help them grow. You can read 8 Easy Business Reads That Will Challenge Your Thinking and Help You Grow here.

In including Wayne’s book, Barrett wrote, “Everyone wants to know “Who’s the industry disruptor?” but no one ever asks, “How’s the industry disruptor?” Barrett says the greatest tool he ever learned as an entrepreneur wasn’t how to market his business, but how to make long-term decisions that allowed him to stay afloat during the initial failure process of entrepreneurship. He suggests reading The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Financial Well-Being for those who would rather learn how to swim before diving into the entrepreneurial pool right away!

Wayne Titus